What to wear in Morocco and Egypt , a guide to packing for conservative countries

As always the weather plays a huge role in what you will decide to pack. Big Sister Northern Africa Adventures for 2019 are held in the cooler months. The days are sunny and mild and the evenings are cooler.

You will see tourists wearing everything from tank tops to caftans, and if you would like to be respectful, and respected then cover up.

Think long loose and flowing. This is not only apropriate but comfortable too. Bring clothes that are light to carry, easy and quick to wash if you need to and suitable to layer up.

Big Sista’s packing list, these are my basics. In Morocco and Egyept you will want to look nice but not carry too much.

·        2 Loose long cotton  pants

·        Footless tights, bring a few, handy for sleeping in also and knee length socks, handy when its chilly under your pants too

·        My favourite   comfortable jeans

·        Long line over the bum singlets, I wear these over the top of my jeans for modesty or under my dress for warmth if needed, handy to sleep in too.

·        2 or 3 Long sleeve loose t shirts

·        One short sleeves t shirt

·        A long cotton top or dress that is to wear over my jeans or pants

·        Sleeved loose fitting sun frock, to wear with tights

·        Light jacket, something stylish that  you will feel good in.

·        Easy to pack light quilted jacket

·        Slip on shoes like thongs ( yes that’s what we call them in Australia – eyes up these are on our feet )

·        Study comfortable shoes for walking traveling etc.

·        Enough under things to keep you happy and warm

·        Light jumpers

Last but by no means least is a scarf. A big light scarf will be used every single  day, from covering your head to go into a mosque to wrapping loosely around your shoulders and chest for both comfort and modesty. Handy to sit on in markets or perched on a wall for a cup of mint tea. There are a gazillion scarfs in the markets in every town in Morocco so you can pick up something there if you don’t have one, or even if you do.