Partner with Big Sista

Bring your students to India!

The Big Sista Adventures is delighted to be able to share a beautiful Indian Ashram with you and your students. When you collaborate with us on an Indian retreat all the details are taken care of for you, leaving you free to practice and develop your student body. We will supply you with copy and photos to make beautiful and effective e mail blasts, we will take care of the back end and all other marketing for you. We will handle inquiries, help with bookings and visa and the million other questions that students have. All you need to do is roll up your mat and meet us in Varanasi India.

Our trips can be tailored to suit your needs, we have in place a week of cultural experiences to enhance and support your program of classes. The ashram is well maintained throughout , the rooms are spacious light and airy. The yoga space is suitable for thirty students and is private, open, cool and meticulously maintained. Some props are available however students will be advised of a small list of items that they will need to bring as guided by you and your intended teaching program.

You will find our prices to be extremely competitive for your students , making it a a great business opportunity for your school and a wonderful experience for you and your students. Teach in Varanasi India in a beautiful custom built yoga shalla on the banks of the Ganges River ! Please feel free to give us a call on 0411 689 192 or drop us a line at if you would like to find out more and see what dates are available. We are booking now for 2020 and 2021 as all of our 2019 dates are booked out by Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Alan Goode. These events sold out in just days !