Your groups in collaboration with Sista. Our Varanasi venues are suitable for all kinds of groups. Yoga retreats writers groups photography groups. Bring your group to Varanasi with Big Sista for a truly unforgettable event.

Sample itinerary over a few days for example. Everything can be tailored to you and your groups unique requirements.

Day one Sunday

Our guest are welcome to arrive any time during the day. They will be met at Varanasi Airport and transferred to our accommodation. People will trickle in over the day that evening there will be a welcome dinner with Sita and Tabla player.

Day two


Traditional fire ceremony welcome followed by the first of your sessions.

Free time, organized and small group tours are available with the local families we work with, these include walking tours with narration temple trips street food markets.Guests may book in small groups to use the boat.

Afternoon session

Free time dinner

Day three

Early morning we will take a short boat ride in the pre dawn to a large moghul edifice. Our boats pull up to wide steps that we climb to a large area where we will watch the sun come up over the Ganges river, practice yoga, take photos or anything you feel fits with your group. After about 45 minutes we go back down to our boats to a mornings refreshment, fruit nuts etc. What follows is a gentle cruise without the engine along the banks of the Ganges. We will motor back to our accommodation for a shared brunch.

One of your sessions, longer as this will be the only one today

Free Time, We bring board games cards etc and keep the kettle going music playing and encourage groups to form in the evening. We encourage a warm festive supportive community for every one.

Day four


Your session

Free time to take small group tours with our local friends use the boat go explore on foot or by tuk tuk or just chill in the swinging seat in the garden.

Late afternoon session followed by a group dinner with entertainment from a local academy. Classical Indian Music and Dance.

Day Five

Early morning ritual celebrations and ceremonies on Asi Ghat


Your sessions