Terms and Conditions


Big Sista keeps it simple

Upon initial booking you will be asked to pay a deposit, this will vary from adventure to adventure and is determined by our location costs. Usually between 2oo and 500 plus a small booking fee.

You will be personally contacted by phone upon booking and can call us in Australia at any time.

All of our testimonials are genuine and can be contacted personally by request.

Deposits become non refundable on due date, we pay deposits and fees in our host counties on the same basis.

One month prior to the start date of any adventure the entire cost becomes non refundable.

You are responsible for your travel insurance and you can not take one of our adventures without it.

Big Sista reserves the right to remove anyone from an adventure if they are aggressive drunk racist homophobic or an intolerable dick head towards others in the group or in our host countries.

Big Sista reserves the right to end a tour in extreme weather events or any other threat to safety by returning you to our host countries capitol city or point of departure.