Staying Safe in Conservative countries.

Just remember, you’re not in Kansas anymore !!


Traveling in a small group is one of the best ways to stay safe and happy when traveling in Northern Africa, however if that’s not working for you, or even if it does,  then may I suggest the following tips for staying safe.

·        Dress appropriately for your host country, now’s not the time to shine. Take the time to read about and understand the social morays as best you can.

·        You’re a guest, act like one and expect to be treated like one.

·        If you would not think to go home with a stranger in your home country, to meet his family or otherwise, perhaps you should re think that when in another country. It is always appropriate to meet new friends in local street restaurants or tea shops.

·        If it feels unsafe or dodgy that’s because it is, listen to your intuition.

·        You may have to be very persistent in just saying. thank you no  thank you no and keep right on walking.

·        In crowds keep your bag close and your pockets empty.

·        Leave your valuables in your hotel. Take only walking around money in a small purse, if you need a card or more money hide it on your body and don’t go to it in public.

·        Keep all your valuables with  you when  you are on the move.

·        Have photocopies of all your tickets and travel documents.

·        Take more than one ATM card and don’t keep them together. Stash a bit of cash, you never know.

·        Take travel insurance.

Don’t be too trusting, remember you are far from home but stay open to new experiences new friends and many adventures.